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Back to the 60s Radio Tech Reunion

07 Feb 12
Peter Bull
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Paul Black (ex-DCA) organised a reunion of a few of his mates from his training days. Unfortunately Bill Black, ex-DCA Training School instructor, could not make it due to his frail condition but was in the thoughts and minds of those present who regaled him as the best teacher that they had ever experienced. 

Dave Stimson (ex-OTC) and Denis Grant (ex-OTC) both gave their opinions of the superior level of training and guidance that were given to school leavers through cadetships, traineeships and apprenticeships in the 60s and 70s by organisations like OTC. There was no doubt amongst those in attendance that the level of knowledge and expertise demonstrated by OTC/DCA trained personnel was amongst the best in the world.

The reunion took place  at midday, 1stFloor, Fairmont Restaurant,  Occidental Hotel, 43 York Street, Sydney (adjoining the AWA building).

See if you can name the attendees.

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