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ABC Program “Back Roads” Featuring Ceduna including the Satellite

07 Dec 15
Peter Bull

Many thanks to Trevor Clay for alerting us to this program on Ceduna.

Features the OTC Satellite Earth Station 17 minutes into the video.

It was very interesting. Enjoy!

Ceduna 1 Ceduna 2 Ceduna 3 Ceduna 4 Ceduna 5


  1. Peter Bull December 7, 2015 at 4:43 pm

    At about 19 mins in, the young bloke sitting at the desk at the earth
    station is me. Bob Murray is the other young fellow at the spec an, and the
    other chap is Fred Sullivan. Earlier in the video, you can see Kerry Adams
    with Henry Cranfield. The chap with the dust coat to the right of Henry is
    a Canadian, Ross McKinnon, who went from there to Jatiluhur. I’m pretty sure
    the bloke with the sideburns just after that is also Fred Sullivan


    Ron Beckett

  2. Peter Bull December 7, 2015 at 4:46 pm

    Peter Tuckwell provided the pictures that I used above.

    He said:
    Fantastic to see the old station and dish are still there.
    I have a few photos if interested. Great views from up on the Telecom microwave dish.
    The last is Fowlers Bay I think. Some people may recognise themselves. I can’t remember who they were.
    I had a month as a trainee along with Kim Hopkins and Ian MacMaster back in December 74 or 75.
    Memories of Kerry Adams playing in a local production of “HMS Pinafore” or something, a trip along the coast to Fowlers Bay (I think) to see the seals, and Xmas parties including one at the old hotel on the highway where I set a tinsel Xmas tree on our dinner table on fire and the three of us drank plenty of ouzo and polished off a bottle of galiano before xmas.
    Hot but very dry.
    Staff were all fantastic and welcoming.
    A great opportunity for OTC trainees.
    Peter Tuckwell

  3. Peter Bull December 7, 2015 at 4:54 pm

    The amazing thing about Ceduna SES was the very low look angle, it was as far east as they could come and reliably “see” the Indian Ocean sat. It would never have worked at that look angle if it was a high rain fall area because of rain attenuation.
    Kevin O’Brien

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