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2014 AGM

22 Jul 14
Peter Bull
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Meeting held at NSW Bowler’s Club on Friday, 13 June 2014

 Meeting Opened:             11:32am by the president

Members present:           Peter Bull, Will Whyte, Kevin O’Brien, Bernie White, Allan Hennessy, David Richardson, Peter Allan, Bob Dean, Neil Yakalis, John Phillips, Jim Simpson, Bill Jolly, Bob Lions, Robin Tuckfield, Ted Miles, Ray Hookway, Tony Lowther, Mick Callaghan, Ross Beaumont, Ted Bastow, John Hodgson, Les Ayers.

Apologies:                         Tony Stuart, Geoff Oldman, Bill Newman, Brian Collath, Jeff Bultitude , Colin Kelly, Peter Tuckwell, Mick Quinlan, Tony Bradney, Garry Hausfeld, Jim Hulme, Chris McMahon, Peter Burgess, Brian Hoschke, Trevor Pike, Jeff Hinwood, Roger Boyden, Guntis Berzins, Paul Black, M O’Connor, Fred Kannard, Dennis Grant, John Eades, Ben McGee, Greg Waller, Paul McCann, Michael Peck, Dean Veverka, Graham Hanigan, Gary Beaton, John Bennett, Kevan Bourke, Peter Lloyd, John McDermott, Brian Travis, Peter McInness, Tom Barker.

Welcome:                          The president welcomed those present thanking members for their attendance.

One minutes silence         was observed to remember those members who had passed away in the last year.


Minutes:                             The minutes from the 57th Annual General Meeting held on Friday 14th June 2013 were adopted.  

Presidents Address:        Peter Bull addressed the meeting highlighting the achievements and developments over the past year.  See below for the full text.                                          

Treasurer’s report:        Bernie White tabled a written report dated 30 April 2014 together with audited Balance Sheet and Statement of Income and Expenditure.  For the year ending 30 April 2014, we have an excess of income over expenditure of $3,746.56.  Our assets remain at a good level of $25,138.23

Life member nominations:           None received

Election of Office Bearers:

Mick Callaghan acted as Returning Officer. 

After declaring all positions vacant, the Returning Officer called for nominations and the Meeting resolved unanimously to make the following appointments:

President                             Peter Bull

Vice-President                   Kevin O’Brien

Secretary                            Will Whyte

Treasurer                            Bob Dean

Auditors:                            Ken Theaker and Tony Farrugia

Newsletter Editor            Peter Allan

Committee Members:    The above office bearers and

                                               Henry Cranfield

                                              Ray Hookway    

                                              Colin Kelly

                                               Allan Hennessy

                                              David Richardson

                                              Bernie White

Incoming President’s Address:   Peter Bull thanked the members for their support and invited them to provide suggestions to improve the association.

Contact & Transit Digitization:  Kevin O’Brien reported on the progress to digitize all Contact & Transit magazines.  To date, 296 Transits and 40 Contacts have been scanned and been processed with OCR software.  The plan is to distribute copies for free at our Christmas function at a cost to the association of about $2.10 each.  Mick Callaghan generously offered to donate $500 to cover the cost of production.


General Business:            Nil.


Meeting closed:                The meeting closed at 12:02 pm

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