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Top Stories - "New"

Links on this page will direct you to newsletters in our archives containing stories awarded the "Top Story" status by the comittee. This page is a new addition to the site intending to motivate members to browse the archives. Members are encouraged to browse the newsletter archives and nominate a story they feel entertains the reader and embraces the spirit of the OTVA association. Nominations will be reviewed by the comittee with one winning story announced at every quarterly meeting. Prizes will be awarded to the nominating member and to the author of the Top Story. Top Story nominations are now being sought, nominations should be emailed to Editor.

Nominate your Top Story today!

Interested in submitting a story for inclusion in our newsletters?

OTVA welcomes submission from members. Do you have an interesting story from your days working in International Telecommunications? Email your story to the Editor. We accept MS-Word documents (*.doc files) containing embedded pictures but also need the standalone picture files (jpeg. gif etc) attached separately.

Past Winners

April 2010 "Shots In The Dark" by Arthur Major

Nov 2010 "Stories from behind the steering wheel" by John Hodson

March 2011 "MRSC – The Message Relay Switching Centre at Paddington" by Allan Mason