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Audio Newsletter OTVA December 2020

OTVA Audio Newsletter of December 2020 As our members a

24 Nov 20 Greg Martyn

OTC Southern Ocean Yachting Classic – 1987

1987 Yacht Race from Hobart to Perth, in time for the A

12 Nov 20 Greg Martyn

Barry Mottram – Passed Away 30 October 2020 – Aged 81 years

Robert Hall (OTVA VIC Branch) has provided the sad news

04 Nov 20 Peter Bull

John Crowe – Passed Away Friday 23 October 2020 – Aged in his mid 80s

Richard Vahtrick,has conveyed the sad news that another

27 Oct 20 Peter Bull

Tony Richardson – Aged 73 or 74 years

It is with sadness that Allan McPherson reports the pas

18 Oct 20 Peter Bull

Evelyn White – Passed Tuesday 15 September 2020 – Aged 89 years young

Allan Hennessy has passed on the sad news of the passin

18 Sep 20 Peter Bull

Audio version of OTVA Sept 2020 Newsletter

Experimental audio edition September 2020 Newsletter As

31 Aug 20 Greg Martyn

David Wills – Passed Away – Tuesday 25 August 2020 – Ages 88 years

The daughter of David Wills has passed on  with the sa

27 Aug 20 Peter Bull

EFM Texts – C&W Fiji 1944

EFM (Expeditionary Force Messages) were used by members

25 Aug 20 Greg Martyn

Mary Maltby – Passed Away 18 August 2020 – Aged 95 Years

Kate Schober has been providing care and support for Ge

18 Aug 20 Peter Bull

Chris Akrivos – Passed away 31 March 2020 – Aged 60 years

Born in Sydney, Australia on the 24th December, 1959 To

20 Jul 20 Peter Bull

Bill MIllar – Passed Away Sunday 7 June 2020 – Aged 66 years

Bill’s wife, Sue, advised that Bill passed away Sunda

08 Jun 20 Peter Bull

Peter Warrilow – Passed Away Tuesday 19 May 2020 – Aged 80+

Peter Hitchiner and Bob Murray have passed on the sad n

22 May 20 Peter Bull

John Grosbard passed away peacefully at the age of 98 on Tuesday 7th April 2020

Michael Grosbard, son of John Grosbard whose last posti

08 Apr 20 Peter Bull

Herbert Henry (Bert) Cladingboel passed away 4/4/20 aged 97 years

Allan McPherson (ex OTC payroll) has advised that a Her

07 Apr 20 Peter Bull

Passing of Margaret Rath – Wife of John Rath (OTC) – 28 March 2020 Aged 80 Years

Wallace Donald has advised of the passing of Margaret R

06 Apr 20 Peter Bull

ExOTC Southside Catch-up

Southern Sydney Vets Gathering Southern Sydney Veterans

19 Feb 20 Greg Martyn

OTVA(WA) AGM and Luncheon

OTVA Western Australia 45th AGM and Luncheon By Kevan B

19 Feb 20 Greg Martyn

Tweed Valley venue update

Visitors welcome Northern Rivers sub branch of the OTVA

19 Feb 20 Greg Martyn

OTVA Sydney Reunion, November 2019

2019 Annual Reunion – Sydney OTVA members met up

18 Feb 20 Greg Martyn

Les Ayers – Passed Away Saturday 4 January 2020 – Aged 87 years

Unfortunately Les passed away just after 6:00am on Satu

08 Jan 20 Peter Bull

Peter Allan – Passed Away 6 December 2019 – Aged 65 Years

Dave Izatt has passed on the sad news of the death of a

17 Dec 19 Peter Bull

Keith Oxley – Passed away in the week beginning 25 November 2019

Keith McCredden has been told that Keith Oxley passed a

03 Dec 19 Peter Bull

Grace Anne Dale – Aged 100 years 11 months 19 days

Born 30th October 1918 Grace Anne Dale commenced  work

14 Nov 19 Peter Bull

David Paul Meaney – Passed Away 30 May 2019 – Aged 79 years

Paul passed away in Adelaide falling short of his 80th

04 Nov 19 Peter Bull

James Fes – Passed Away 12 October 2019 – Aged 89 Years

Robert Hall has advised of the passing of JAMES FES. Ji

15 Oct 19 Peter Bull

Deane Laws – Passed Away Tuesday 8 October 2019 – Aged Late 80s

Trevor Thatcher has passed on the sad news that Deane p

09 Oct 19 Peter Bull

Edward (Ted) William Bastow – Passes Away Tuesday 2 October 2019 – Aged 86 Years

Wayne Bastow has advised me that his father, Ted, passe

04 Oct 19 Peter Bull

Bob Rayner (AWA) remembering Apollo 11 AWA Tech’s Challenges

Telecommunications Engineering needs recording. AWA Fie

13 Aug 19 Greg Martyn

Stan Bray – Passed Away Monday 8 July 2019

Graeme Hanigan passed on the sad news conveyed to him b

19 Jul 19 Peter Bull

Zeljko Bedic – Awarded OAM

Zeljko worked for OTC/Telstra between 1981 and 1997. Ze

28 Jun 19 Peter Bull

Ray Pow – Retires From Telstra 1 July 2019

It must be getting contagious! On the back of the advic

28 Jun 19 Peter Bull

Mark (“Doc”) Roberts Retires

Mark has decided to retire after 35 years with Optus wh

28 Jun 19 Peter Bull

Noel Chapman – Passed Away Early 2019

Keith McCredden advised at the June AGM that he had rec

25 Jun 19 Peter Bull

Noel Sutherland – Leaving Telstra

After 46 years with OTC & Telstra Noel Sutherland h

05 Jun 19 Peter Bull

George Maltby – Passed Away – Thursday 30 May 2019

Sadly George passed away in the early hours of this mor

30 May 19 Peter Bull

Ray Hookway – Passes Away Saturday 18 May 2019 – Aged 89 Years

Ray was born 24th November 1929.  He was 89 years and

20 May 19 Peter Bull

Mary Ebert – Passed Away Aged 95 Years

John Ebert, one of Mary’s sons, advised that Mary

06 May 19 Peter Bull

Al Salmon Turns 80

Age catches up all with us and it finally has for an En

02 May 19 Peter Bull

Mick Russel-Clarke – Passed Away on 2018 – mid to late 80s

On Sunday 14 April 2019 John Lilley met Mick’s da

15 Apr 19 Peter Bull

R E BRANSON of Maroubra, aged 90 years

Wallace Donald has advised that there was a Death Notic

13 Apr 19 Peter Bull

George Maltby – 91st Birthday – Thursday 31 January 2019

David Richardson reminded the Committee that George Mal

02 Feb 19 Peter Bull

Denis Chambers – Passed Away 29 January 2019

Denis Chambers – formerly of OTC Melbourne –  

30 Jan 19 Peter Bull

Bob Symes – Passed Away 15 December 2018 – Aged 75 Years

Robert James (Bob) Symes passed away peacefully at Delo

17 Dec 18 Peter Bull

OTV (WA) AGM – 20 November 2018

The West Australian branch of OTC veterans held their 4

11 Dec 18 Peter Bull

Colin (Ned) Kelly – Passed Away 2 December 2018 – Aged 65 Years

Ned passed away late last night (Sunday 2 December 2018

03 Dec 18 Peter Bull

Doug Peter – Passed Away 21st October 2018

It is with sadness that I wish to advise that Doug Pete

01 Nov 18 Peter Bull

Grace (Anne) Dale – Celebrates Her 100th Birthday

Grace (formerly known as) Anne commenced work at O.T.C.

01 Nov 18 Peter Bull
25 Oct 18 Peter Bull

Mike Debenham – Passed Away Sunday 7 October 2018 – Aged 75 Years

John Barker has advised of the passing of Michael Deben

09 Oct 18 Peter Bull

OTVA Spring Reunion – Held @ Noon Thursday 20 September 2018

WHERE:  Red Room, Level 1, Club York (99OnYork), 99 Yo

21 Sep 18 Peter Bull

Southern Sydney Chapter of the OTVA – September Meeting

12 hardy individuals ventured out to the Carss Park Caf

21 Sep 18 Peter Bull

Graham Collath – Passed Away 4 September 2018 – Aged 56 Years

It is with much sadness that I pass on the news that Gr

04 Sep 18 Peter Bull
17 Aug 18 Peter Bull

John Bennett – Ex-MOR – Passed Away 10 August 2018 – Aged 86 years

John’s daughter, Margaret, passed on the sad news

13 Aug 18 Peter Bull

Barry Stockbridge – Passed 1 August 2018 Aged 82 Years

I rang Barry in February 2018 to seek his permission to

07 Aug 18 Peter Bull


On 22nd September 1918 direct wireless messages from En

07 Aug 18 Peter Bull

Fred James – Passed Away 4 June 2018 – Aged 78 Years

David Munro has advised Paul Weirick that Fred James pa

09 Jul 18 Peter Bull

Moreton Telegraph StationOverland Telegraph Line

Moreton Telegraph Station History Although as early as

28 Jun 18 Peter Bull

John Myors – Drawing Office – Passed Away 3 June 2018 – Aged 88 Years

John’s son, Glen, has informed me that his father pas

08 Jun 18 Peter Bull

Ray Thompson (Engineering Branch) – In Concord Hospital – 5 June 2018

From John Marosszeky: I just wanted to share with other

08 Jun 18 Peter Bull

Cocos Keeling Island – Australia’s Forgotten Islands

From Peter Bull: Following on from the reference to Coc

05 Jun 18 Peter Bull

Owen Harris – Passed Away 5:30am 24 May – Aged 65 Years

Gerry Serrao was contacted by Robert Michell [Ex OTC Br

31 May 18 Peter Bull

What is left of the OTC Bringelly HF Radio Station Site

I took a run out along Badgery’s Creek Rd a couple of

09 Mar 18 Peter Bull

Ken Howe – Passed Away 5 March 2018 – Aged in his early 80s

Ken has been battling cancer but it finally won. His fa

08 Mar 18 Peter Bull

OTC Bringelly – What does the site look like in 2018?

I took a run out along Badgery’s Creek Rd a couple of

05 Feb 18 Peter Bull

Brian Woods – On the Improve

I phoned Brian Woods a couple of days ago, for the firs

28 Dec 17 Peter Bull

Noel Chapman – 80 Years Young

On Christmas Day 25 December 2017 Noel Chapman turned 8

28 Dec 17 Peter Bull

Engineers Lunch – 19 December 2017

Each year a group of Engineers get together at the Oaks

21 Dec 17 Peter Bull

The Latest Pictures from Cairns Cable Station

Laurie McIlree’s daughter visited teh site on 27

21 Dec 17 Peter Bull

Eric Cockle – Passed Away 9 December 2017 – Aged 93 Years

Allan McPherson has advised of the passing of ERIC COCK

18 Dec 17 Peter Bull

Southern Sydney Contingent of OTVA Members

A pre-Christmas social gathering was organised by Greg

15 Dec 17 Peter Bull

Neil Jackson – Passed Away 14 November 2017 – Aged 77 years

Phil Hiscox has provided us this morning with the sad n

22 Nov 17 Peter Bull

Kim Hopkins – Passed Away 24 October 2017 – Ages 62 Years

Peter Tuckwell has advised of the passing of yet anothe

27 Oct 17 Peter Bull

Malcolm Irvine – Passed Away 16 October 2017 – Aged 57 Years

Malcolm Irvine was an OTC trainee/ technician in the ea

18 Oct 17 Peter Bull

Brian Brennan – Aged in his Early 60s

Brian’s daughter, Sarah, has passed on the sad ne

17 Oct 17 Peter Bull

Maisie Vahtrick – Passed Away

Also the Funeral Service for Maisie VAHTRICK, wife of t

10 Oct 17 Peter Bull

Wife of Sheldon (“Shelley”) De Silva

The wife of the late “Shelley” (Shelton) de Silva,

10 Oct 17 Peter Bull

Jack Bowes – Passed Away early September 2017 – Aged 88 Years

Hi Peter Just been advised that Jack passed away back i

06 Oct 17 Peter Bull

Moree SES 2017 – What does the Satellite Station Look Like today?

Thanks to Glenn McMullen for sharing photos that he too

13 Sep 17 Peter Bull

George Kennedy Passes Away – 16 August 2017 – Aged 80 Years

Peter Dee passed on the sad news of George’s pass

20 Aug 17 Peter Bull

Noel Martin Passes Away 11 August 2017 Aged 91 Years

It is with great sadness that I pass on news from Barry

11 Aug 17 Peter Bull

Pictures of the OTC Guam Site (post 2009)

From Laurie McIllree: Attached are a few photos of OTC,

09 Aug 17 Peter Bull

Broome Radio

Jim Harte took a few photos during his recent trip to B

26 Jul 17 Peter Bull

Nomination of Carnarvon for Engineering Heritage Recognition

Many thanks to Jim Harte for sharing this link that pro

18 Jul 17 Peter Bull

Doreen Hansen – Passed Away 7 July 2017

Ted Bastow has advised us of the passing of Doreen Hans

13 Jul 17 Peter Bull

Alan Harry Amos – Passed Away on 27 June 2017 – Aged 76

Alan started with OTC (A) in Lonsdale Street Melbourne

04 Jul 17 Peter Bull

Photos of Ceduna SES Taken June 2017

Many thanks to John Iacus-Pisco for supplying these:

21 Jun 17 Peter Bull

Bernie White – Passed Away Monday 19 June 2017 – Aged 93 years

Fellow Members of the OTVA Bernie and his wife, Evelyn,

21 Jun 17 Peter Bull

Robert (Bob) Kraal – Passed Away 11/6/17 – Aged 73 Years

It is with great sadness that I relay to you the passin

15 Jun 17 Peter Bull

ISTC Paddington

I did not work in ISTC at Paddington but I did work in

08 Jun 17 Peter Bull

Broome Radio

Jim Harte recently returned from a trip to Broome where

18 May 17 Peter Bull

Phil Chapman – Passed away in Mid 2000s

Sandra Smith (nee Beatson) asked: Do you know if Phil C

18 Apr 17 Peter Bull

Arch Barry – Passed Away Circa 1999

Subsequent to a question from Sandra Smith (nee Beatson

18 Apr 17 Peter Bull

Gerard Francis McCarthy – Passed Away Monday 3 April 2017

McCarthy – Gerard Francis Passed away peacefully, sur

10 Apr 17 Peter Bull
04 Apr 17 Peter Bull

Moree SES – 50th Anniversary of Opening and 30th Anniversary of Closure

Moree officially opened on 29th March 1968 and official

30 Mar 17 Peter Bull

Derek Walker – 14/12/1930 to 03/03/2017

I think the Subject line says it all. It is with great

06 Mar 17 Peter Bull

Rockhampton Radio – Closure 1992

Chris Alger has provided the below photo is recognition

06 Mar 17 Peter Bull

Dave Coutts – Retires

After 23 years with Verizon Dave Coutts has retired. Da

06 Mar 17 Peter Bull

NASA Awards to OTC

Doonside, Bringelly & Paddington OTC stations assis

03 Mar 17 Peter Bull

Peter Frost – Passed Away 22 February 2017 – Aged 88 Years

Peter’s daughter, Jo Carver, advised that Peter p

22 Feb 17 Peter Bull

Thursday Island

In 1975 I was transferred as SRO from Townsvilleradio/V

07 Feb 17 Peter Bull

Alex Griffiths – Passed Away 1 February 2017 – Aged 90 Something

Alex had a Seniority date of 17.2.1943 so that may make

06 Feb 17 Peter Bull

Carnarvon/Gnangara reunion 14th & 15th January 2017

A number of ex OTC work colleagues and partners gathere

03 Feb 17 Peter Bull

Australia Day Celebrations – Direction Island – 26 January 2017

I had the rather enviable honour to attend the Australi

30 Jan 17 Peter Bull

Bribie Island Reunion – 22 January 2017

Had a great reunion with the ex – Brisbane Radio

30 Jan 17 Peter Bull

Maurice (Maurie) Matthysz – Passed Away 22 January 2017 – Aged 90 Years

The daughter of Maurice (Maurie) Matthysz, Vivienne, ha

29 Jan 17 Peter Bull

40th Anniversary – Granville Train Disaster – 18/1/1977

I have been reminded by Robin Tuckfield of the near tra

18 Jan 17 Peter Bull

Dave Garrett – Passed Away November 29 2016 – Aged 84 Years

GARRETT, David Mitchell Formerly of Epping Passed away

09 Jan 17 Peter Bull

Cyril Vahtrick – Passed Away 2/1/2017 – Aged 93 Years

Morrie O’Connor (MO’C) and Cyril’s so

03 Jan 17 Peter Bull

Ian Barlow – Passed Away Monday 5 December 2016 – Aged 63

FROM GARY SAMUELS: It is with sadness that I advise you

09 Dec 16 Peter Bull

Happy 90th Birthday to Trevor Thatcher – 18 November 2016

Trevor Congratulations on achieving this significant mi

18 Nov 16 Peter Bull
02 Nov 16 Peter Bull

James (Jim) O’Toole – Passed Away 1 November 2016

Jim began his career in OTC in VIM (Melbourne) as a CRS

02 Nov 16 Peter Bull

Median Project – Mars Mission

From ROBERT BRAND Looks like ThunderStruck Aerospace is

31 Oct 16 Peter Bull

Jeannie Luck (nee Fryer) – Passed Away 5 October 2016

Jeannie worked in the office at Spring Street, Sydney.

17 Oct 16 Peter Bull

OTVA Social Get-Together – Sunday 25 September 2016


14 Oct 16 Peter Bull

Peter John Gorman – Passed Away 16 September – Aged in his mid-60s

Peter John Gorman passed away peacefully with me by his

14 Oct 16 Peter Bull

Lesley Langley – Passed Away Tuesday 30 August 2016 – Aged 61 Years

I am saddened to report to you the passing of another m

14 Oct 16 Peter Bull

Barry Patrick McMillan – Passed Away 9 August 2016 – Aged 80 Years

11.04.1936  –  09.08.2016 Barry passed away on 9th

14 Oct 16 Peter Bull


McCONNACHIE Alan Alastair Formerly of Sydney and the Ce

14 Oct 16 Peter Bull


Today’s SMH has the death notice of Beryl Frances Mol

14 Oct 16 Peter Bull

John Burdinat Retires – End Of July 2016

A short note to let you know that I am also retiring at

07 Jul 16 Peter Bull

David Solomon (Ex-OTC Carnarvon SES) Retires

After many years of working at various satellite facili

01 Jul 16 Peter Bull
24 Jun 16 Peter Bull

Passing of Greta Gergely – Aged 84 – Beloved Wife of Peter Gergely

David Richardson came across this notice in the Obituar

23 May 16 Peter Bull

Passing of William A A Brown – Aged 93 Years – Seniority 16 Oct 1951

Bill Brown’s son, Gerry, has advised of Bill’s pass

23 May 16 Peter Bull

Ray Volpatti – 2nd Anniversary of Ray’s Passing – 15 April 2014

Neil Yakalis and Wendy Volpatti organised an event at t

13 May 16 admin

George Maltby Sacked on Thursday 22nd December 1988

After 42 years’ working his way to the top of Aus

09 May 16 Peter Bull
03 May 16 Peter Bull

Page Barrow – Passed Away 27 March 2016 – Aged 89 Years

PAGE ERNEST BARROW 11.1.1927  –  27.3.2016 Page

03 May 16 Peter Bull

John Bede Lennon (1920-1981)

My Uncle, John Bede Lennon (1920-1981), joined the PMG

18 Apr 16 Peter Bull

Visit to FM Radio Station 2RRR – Ray Volpatti’s Last Hoorah – 8 April 2016

Neil Yakalis organised this tour and the pictures prove

13 Apr 16 Peter Bull

Carnarvon 1984 – Check Out The Shorts!

Photo courtesy of Peter J Forrester   Rear: Andy H

12 Apr 16 Peter Bull

Geoffrey John Day – Passed away Thursday 17th March 2016 – Aged 91

My Dad, Geoff Day, has passed away this morning He was

23 Mar 16 Peter Bull

Doonside Staff – 1966

From left to right – Harry Clay, Dave Stimson, (u

10 Mar 16 Peter Bull

Plaque Commemorating the Compac Cable – Installed by Telstra 5 February 2016

It has taken 10 years and many meetings to put forward

12 Feb 16 Peter Bull

OTC 1946 to 1992 – Employees perspective

Denis Pickwell wrote: I was just going through some of

28 Jan 16 Peter Bull

Bribie Island

Peter Grove wrote: I visited Bribie Island last week at

28 Jan 16 Peter Bull

Jeff Bultitude: Monday 4 January 2016 – Aged 60 something

I am shocked and saddened to hear of Jeff’s sudden an

11 Jan 16 Peter Bull

Apollo 11: July 1969


05 Jan 16 Peter Bull

ABC Program “Back Roads” Featuring Ceduna including the Satellite

Many thanks to Trevor Clay for alerting us to this prog

07 Dec 15 Peter Bull

Robert (“Bob”) Bramwell Reeks – Passed away 12 October 2015 – Aged 92 years

Much loved husband of Ruth. Cherished father of Julie,

07 Dec 15 Peter Bull

Christmas Reunion 24 November 2015

The OTVA held its Christmas reunion in the function roo

26 Nov 15 Peter Bull

ISCC Paddington – Circa 1978

One of my first field training experiences was at the I

26 Nov 15 Peter Bull

John Bartlem Hopley – Passed Away 9 November 2015 – Aged 90 years

In yesterday’s SMH there was a Death Notice for John

16 Nov 15 Peter Bull

William “Ern” Anthoney – Passed Away Saturday 7 November 2015

Debra Flaherty, the daughter of William “Ern” Antho

10 Nov 15 Peter Bull

VIOLET MARGARET HARRISON – Born 11.7.1929 – Died 12.8.2015 aged 86

Vi passed away in Moe Victoria. Vi was cremated at the

06 Nov 15 Peter Bull

JOAN MARJORIE MILLER – Born 11.2.1925 – Died 4.7.2015 aged 90

Joan passed away in the Linacre Hospital Hampton Victor

06 Nov 15 Peter Bull

JOAN FERNE – Born 12.11.1934 – Died 22.8.2015 aged 80

Ferne passed away at the BUPA Coburg Vic. Beloved wife

06 Nov 15 Peter Bull

One cannot go anywhere without meeting someone on knows!

I was waiting for the tour guide at King Solomon’s Ca

05 Nov 15 Peter Bull

A history of undersea cables from inception to now

Many thanks to Charlie Rudd for passing on this referen

05 Nov 15 Peter Bull

John Toland – 90th Birthday

Here are some pics from John’s 90th birthday cele

19 Oct 15 Peter Bull

Kamal (Kim) Ayoub – Passed Away 10 August 2015

Vernon Yen has advised that Kim Ayoub passed away on 10

08 Oct 15 Peter Bull

VALE – Lou Brown (E.L.Brown) Passed Away 21 July 2015 – Aged 90 Years

Keith McCredden and Ted Bastow have alerted me to the p

22 Jul 15 Peter Bull

VALE: Charlie Maiden – Passed Away 29 June 2015

When Les Ayers spoke to Charlie in early to mid May Cha

01 Jul 15 Peter Bull

VALE – John Norris

Denis Chambers has advised that John Norris passed away

24 Jun 15 Peter Bull

Vale: Ray Johnson – 4th June 2015 – Aged 81 Years

From Derek Walker: I was very saddened to get the news

12 Jun 15 Peter Bull

VALE: Phil Harris – Passed Away 13 May 2015

I am writing to inform you of the death of Phil Harris

22 May 15 Peter Bull
22 May 15 Peter Bull

VALE – Bruce Collett – 30 March 2015 – Aged 89 Years

It is sad to report that Bruce Collett passed away at 7

31 Mar 15 Peter Bull

Cocos (Keeling) Island – Historical Society Newsletter – Dec 2014

This newsletter was supplied by Les Ayers who receives

03 Mar 15 Peter Bull

Cocos (Keeling) Island – Historical Society Newsletter – Mar 2011

This newsletter was supplied by Les Ayers. Les receives

03 Mar 15 Peter Bull

Cocos (Keeling) Island – Historical Society Newsletter – Sept 2011

This newsletter was supplied by Les Ayers. Les receives

03 Mar 15 Peter Bull

Alf Cannell – Passed Away 6 February 2015 – Aged 89 Years

Les Ayers advised  Alf Cannell passed away during the

10 Feb 15 Peter Bull

Life On Cottesloe – by Des Kinnersley


24 Nov 14 Peter Bull

OTC Saves Apollo 11 – By Robert Brand

PREFACE: In the following article published in Spacefli

14 Nov 14 Peter Bull

Cocos Island – German Landing 1914

THE LANDING ON COCOS ISLAND  This event is also signif

07 Nov 14 Peter Bull

JACK BLENKIN WHITE – aged 88 – Passed away on Saturday 17th October 2014

Robert Hall (VIC OTVA) has provided the following: JACK

21 Oct 14 Peter Bull

OTC Technical Training School – 20 Year Reunion – Saturday 11 October 2014

The 20 Year Reunion of the OTC Technical Training Schoo

13 Oct 14 Peter Bull

Geoff Whale Living It Up In Spain – 13 October 2014

At the moment I am in Spain having a bloody wonderful t

13 Oct 14 Peter Bull

Mick Wood – Born 12/3/1926 – Passed Away 12/10/2014 – Aged 88 years

Mick Wood’s family has asked Deane Laws to alert

13 Oct 14 Peter Bull

OTC Football Team at Rushcutters Bay Park – Circa 1958-59

  John Morrison remembered some of the names in th

03 Oct 14 Peter Bull

Spring St Telegraph Workshop

L to R: Alf Flood, Maurie Matthysz, Nevyl Farrar, Brian

03 Oct 14 Peter Bull

Vale – Jim Bairstow – Passed 9.9.2014 – Aged 87 Years

James BAIRSTOW Obituary BAIRSTOW James Percy (Jim): 25.

16 Sep 14 Peter Bull

OTC Maritime – Alan Durham’s Retirement

The below photo was supplied by Arthur Major. Do you kn

06 Aug 14 Peter Bull

Jann Kohlman – Passed Away Friday 25 July 2014 – Aged in her early 50s

Michelle De Vries Robbe has delivered the sad news that

30 Jul 14 Peter Bull

Charlie Carthew

Some of the old MOR staff will have memories of Charlie

29 Jul 14 Peter Bull

Denis Pickwell – Who Remembers Him

Hi Peter, Geof Hipwell sent me your application form. G

25 Jul 14 Peter Bull

2014 AGM


22 Jul 14 Peter Bull

Willam Hector Blemmings – ex SOR – Aged 89 Years

I have just received the sad news of the passing of “

14 Jul 14 Peter Bull

Alice Springs Overland Telegraph Office

John Eades has just returned from Central Australia. Wh

02 Jul 14 Peter Bull

Antenna Tragedy (circa 1963)

Graham Watts posted in ex-OTC Facebook web site   &nb

30 Jun 14 Peter Bull

Northern Rivers Welcome

   The Northern Rivers sub branch would like to w

26 Jun 14 Peter Bull

Darrel Savage – Passed Away 16 June 2014 – Aged 82

From Rob McAulay: It is my sad duty to advise that Darr

18 Jun 14 Peter Bull

OTVA Life Members as at 13 June 2014

The following persons have been awarded LIFE MEMBERSHIP

13 Jun 14 Peter Bull

JANE HODSON, 1957–2014

From Bob Emanuel: Few would remember Jane Hodson, forme

22 May 14 Peter Bull

Helen Mirzoian – Passed Away 27 April 2014 – May She Rest In Peace

From Peter Grove: Helen Mirzoian (ex-OTC Public Relatio

01 May 14 Peter Bull

Ray Volpatti – Passed Away 15 April 2014 – Aged 76

It is with great sadness that I inform you of the passi

16 Apr 14 Peter Bull

Neil Yakalis Day Trip – ABC TV & Radio Studios –

Neil Yakalis organised a trip to the ABC Radio & TV

10 Apr 14 Peter Bull

Peter Edwin Dennis – Aged 78 – May He Rest In Peace

Fropm Robert Hall, President VIC Branch of the OTVA: It

02 Apr 14 Peter Bull

Submarine Cable Map – Gold!

Coutesy of Noel Sutherland: http://www.submarinecablema

28 Mar 14 Peter Bull

Memories of Bringelly

From Joan Warby Cassin: Today on my way out to Bents Ba

20 Mar 14 Peter Bull

Paddington Memories

Hasler Exchange           &nbs

20 Mar 14 Peter Bull

John Strmecki – Passed Away Saturday 22 February 2014 – Aged 52

From Carlo Cofini: Hello Friends and Colleagues, It sad

25 Feb 14 Peter Bull
22 Jan 14 Peter Bull
21 Jan 14 Peter Bull

Telstra Heritage

From Ron Beckett: Hi Peter,   Last week I went to

06 Jan 14 Peter Bull

Vale – Bob Scherf – Passed Away 14 December 2013 – Aged 81

Robert H Scherf Bob lost his battle with cancer. Friend

18 Dec 13 Peter Bull

Graham Gosewinckel – 22 November 2013 Aged 83 Years

It is with great sadness that the family of William Gra

25 Nov 13 Peter Bull

Fanning Island (circa 1963)

Keith McCredden has provided the following photos: &nbs

19 Nov 13 Peter Bull

Compac Cable – 50th Anniversary of Opening – 3rd December 1963

In Nov 1963, almost 50 years ago, the first undersea ph

24 Oct 13 Peter Bull

Vince Sim – Passed Away 2002 – 92 Years

From Phil Dickson, grandson of Vince Sim: I’ve stumbl

08 Oct 13 Peter Bull

VALE – David Smith – 16 July 2013

From Henry Cranfield Saturday 27th July 2013 There was

25 Sep 13 Peter Bull

OTVA Newsletter – September 2013

Registered Address                        

17 Sep 13 Peter Bull

VALE – Betty Toland – 4/9/13

Bob Collins has passed on the sad news of the passing o

12 Sep 13 Peter Bull

VALE – Brian Tudehope – 9 September 2013

From David Tudehope: It is with great sadness that I pa

10 Sep 13 Peter Bull

Jack Edwards – Relocated to Mayflower Nursing Home, Westmead

From Bernie White: Just a note to let you know that Dor

06 Sep 13 Peter Bull

VALE – Allan Ritchie (29th July 1997)

From Allan’s daughter, Lorraine Thomas (nee Ritch

02 Sep 13 Peter Bull

OTVA Newsletter – June 2013

 OTVA Newsletter June 2013  2013 NSW AGM Date: Friday

22 Jul 13 Peter Bull

VALE – Brian Calder – 1/4/44 to 21/7/13

From Peter Burgess: Peter, It is with great sadness tha

22 Jul 13 Peter Bull

Vale – Ron Cocker


15 Jul 13 Peter Bull

Vale – Dave Wood – Satellite Operations (OTC & Optus)

It is with deep regret that I advise you of the passing

12 Jul 13 Peter Bull

Murray Oakley – May He Rest In Peace

From: McKnight, Tom I am deeply saddened to announce th

18 Jun 13 Peter Bull

John Oxley’s Photos

To view 81 photos provided by John Oxley please click o

17 Jun 13 Peter Bull

VALE – John Brooksbank – 15 May 2013

From Julia Brooksbank Peter Sadly, I have to inform you

05 Jun 13 Peter Bull

Financial Status of Members of the OTVA

Below is a list of Financial Members of the OTVA. Pleas

31 May 13 Peter Bull

Mervyn Cooper – May He Rest In Peace

From Robert Hall, President of the Victorian Branch of

27 May 13 Peter Bull

Les Foley – May He Rest In Peace

From Robert Hall, President Victorian Branch of the OTV

27 May 13 Peter Bull

Vale – Peter Leslie Connors –

Received from Robert Hall, OTVA Victorian Branch Presid

30 Apr 13 Peter Bull

Tony Belts (ex-Carnarvon) Retiring

Dear All   With Perth (Gnangara) closing its HF st

08 Apr 13 Peter Bull

Digitisation of Contact Magasines

The editions of the Contact magasines that are missing

25 Mar 13 Peter Bull

Digitisation of Transit Magasines

The editions of the Transit magasines that are missing

25 Mar 13 Peter Bull

OTVA Newsletter – March 2013

OTVA Newsletter Mar 2013 Final to view the OTVA Newsle

25 Mar 13 Peter Bull

Vale – Annette Taylor – Passed Away 24th February 2013

From Tony Farrugia: On Sunday 3rd March I received a te

05 Mar 13 Peter Bull

Valke – Rita Day

From Keith McCredden Regret to advise that Rita Day, wi

12 Feb 13 Peter Bull

Peter John Seaton (92 years) – May He Rest In Peace

From Ed Willingham: I have been in contact with Peter S

17 Jan 13 Peter Bull

VALE – Danny Yee

It is with deep regret that I advise of the passing of

06 Jan 13 Peter Bull

Jim Robinson – 1926 – 2012

Robert Hall (Hon. Secretary/Treasurer OTVA Melbourne) h

28 Dec 12 Peter Bull

Vale – Des Woods

From Allan Hennessy: Des has been living in KINGSCLIFF

18 Dec 12 Peter Bull

Gold Coast sub-branch of the OTVA

Col Kelly had lunch with the group in mid November 2012

30 Nov 12 Peter Bull

Danny Yee

From Norm Stagnitta and Colin Kelly (ex-Paddington ITMC

28 Nov 12 Peter Bull

OTVA XMAS Reunion – 9 November at Bowlers Club, York St, Sydney

From Peter Bull: 50 of our members attended and enjoyed

13 Nov 12 Peter Bull

Visit to Tramway Museum – By Neil Yakalis

A total of 18 turned up for this outing. Our volunteer

12 Nov 12 Peter Bull

VALE – Greg Hutchinson

From Geoff Larcombe In case you haven’t already h

12 Nov 12 Peter Bull

Joan Sullivan – 87 Years Young

Info from Kim Hargreaves (Joan’s proud daughter):

09 Nov 12 Peter Bull

OTVA Newsletter – Nov 2012

OTVA Newsletter Nov 2012 to view the OTVA Newsletter i

02 Nov 12 Peter Bull

SOR Spring St Sydney before the move to Paddington circa 1963

From Laurie McIlree: Hi Peter, I took these photos when

19 Oct 12 Peter Bull
18 Oct 12 Peter Bull

Applecross Centenary Celebrations — By Brian Woods

Hi Peter/Neil…   Attached is the catalogue

17 Oct 12 Peter Bull

Vale – Denis Humphries (Ex-MOR)

Denis Humphries was born on 14/5/1930 departed this li

15 Oct 12 Peter Bull

NBN Considering Ex-OTC Satellite Facilities

Plays to history at Carnarvon. NBN Co has decided to bu

12 Oct 12 Peter Bull

Cairns Cable Station – Repeaters Buried Behind Building?

Peter Burgess and Bruce Boler told Robert Brand that th

04 Oct 12 Peter Bull



03 Oct 12 Peter Bull

Vale – Eric Morgan

Chas Gregory has advised of the recent passing of his f

27 Sep 12 Peter Bull

Ray Peacock – May He Rest In Peace

Message from Tony Bradney: Ray was not a financial memb

17 Sep 12 Peter Bull

Compac Opening

Robert Brand has suggested: There should be a huge cele

06 Sep 12 Peter Bull

OTVA Newsletter – Sept 2012

Overseas Telecommunications Veterans Newsletter  

05 Sep 12 Peter Bull

Phone Phreaking via Australia

This story first published in 1974 was discovered by Ro

22 Aug 12 Peter Bull

Dick Christoffersen – May He Rest In Peace

From Tom Barker: Jo Christoffersen phoned Saturday to a

20 Aug 12 Peter Bull

Globe Wireless Seatex Service – Shutdown

From Tony Belts & Kevan Bourke: On the morning of A

20 Aug 12 Peter Bull

Alison Young – May She Rest In Peace

14 August 2012: Message from Peter Burgess Alison Young

14 Aug 12 Peter Bull

VIETNAM: My Experiences by Geoff Oldman

1 How I became involved in Vietnam. I was an engineer w

31 Jul 12 Peter Bull

Long Distance Blind Dating Courtesy of OTC – Steve Gray


31 Jul 12 Peter Bull

Paddington Telephone Exchange

From Kevin O’Brien Attached is a bit of Trivia fr

23 Jul 12 Peter Bull

OTVA AGM June 2012


12 Jul 12 Peter Bull

Visit to Tram Museum – Wednesday 7th November 2012

Date: Wednesday 7th November, 2012 Transport Cost: Seni

05 Jul 12 Peter Bull

Vijay Singh – May He Rest In Peace

From Vernon Yen to Roly Ayo: Roly, We lost Vijay at abo

02 Jul 12 Peter Bull

Carnarvon – Opening of Space Museum – Buzz Aldrin Visit

From Bob Shoemark: G’day Peter The email below me

25 Jun 12 Peter Bull

Perth Centenary Wireless Hill Celebration

From Neil Yakalis: I have assisted the City of Melville

21 Jun 12 Peter Bull

Wikipedia Reference

18 Jun 12 Peter Bull

Interesting Stories & Videos

Robert Brand has published some very interesting storie

15 Jun 12 Peter Bull

Passing of Bruce Douglas Henderson – May He Rest In Peace

From Robert Hall   Hon. Secretary/Treasurer  OTVA Me

15 Jun 12 Peter Bull

The Next Mars Landing

From Jim Simpson: Memories of another time in space exp

13 Jun 12 Peter Bull

Sean Leahy (vk6bdb) — May He Rest In Peace

From Kevin Mulcahy & Ted Miles: SILENT KEY    

13 Jun 12 Peter Bull

Fanning Island – Latest News from Rich Smith Via John Hibbard

Aloha, Hoping all is well with you. Some exciting devel

13 Jun 12 Peter Bull

Jamesburg Earth Station — Robert Brand

Robert told me that the owner has scrapped a lot of the

13 Jun 12 Peter Bull

OTVA Newsletter May 2012

Overseas Telecommunications Veterans Association NEWSLE

08 Jun 12 Peter Bull

2012 AGM – 15 June 2012

Overseas Telecommunications Veterans Association    

08 Jun 12 Peter Bull

Day Trip to Albion Park Aircraft Museum

 From Peter Bull: I have received several reports that

06 Jun 12 Peter Bull

Gordon Jesson – May He Rest In Peace

From Carol Jesson Just wanted to notify that my dear hu

04 Jun 12 Peter Bull

Gareth Thompson – May He Rest In Peace

From Keith McCredden and Les Ayers Gareth passed away o

31 May 12 Peter Bull

Slide Rules

The following contribution from Tom Barker elaborates o

30 May 12 Peter Bull

Des Kinnersley on Fanning Island

Fanning Island (From our Archives) Letter from Desmond

29 Apr 12 Peter Bull

Don Wade – Ex-Paddington ITMC

Message from Stephen Shaw: Subject: Don Wade. Date: Mon

17 Apr 12 Peter Bull

How to Pay Membership of the OTVA

To join the OTVA you can simply deposit $10 annual memb

22 Mar 12 Peter Bull

OTVA Newsletter – March 2012

Overseas Telecommunications Veterans Association NEWSLE

20 Mar 12 Peter Bull

Reach/OTC Reunion – Sunday 11 March 2012

Reunion at the Rosella Picnic Area, Nurragingy Reserve,

13 Mar 12 Peter Bull

VALE – Reg Fernando (Ex-SOR/Paddington/Broadway)

Message from Les Ayers A bit more sad new I’m afr

22 Feb 12 Peter Bull

WA Veterans – Minutes 37th AGM – Held 22 November 2011

Minutes 37th AGM – 22.11.2011 OVERSEAS TELECOMMUN

07 Feb 12 Peter Bull

Back to the 60s Radio Tech Reunion

Paul Black (ex-DCA) organised a reunion of a few of his

07 Feb 12 Peter Bull

Alan Durham’s Retirement

The attached phot is supplied by Arthur Major. The atta

07 Feb 12 Peter Bull

OTVA AGM Minutes June 2011


01 Feb 12 Peter Bull

Caving Enthusiasts

John Eades has supplied the attached photos. Can you na

01 Feb 12 Peter Bull

Bringelly & Paddington circa 1960

The below photos were scanned and provided by John Eade

06 Jan 12 Peter Bull


The following photos were provided by John Eades on 6 J

06 Jan 12 Peter Bull

VALE – Roy Ayton – 27 October 2011

The below has been supplied by Vernon Yen: I received 

29 Dec 11 Peter Bull

VALE – Libby Bennett – Beloved wife of John (ex-Paddo ITMC)-25/12/2011

John Bennett has sent this tribute to his wife, Libby:

29 Dec 11 Peter Bull

Vale – Max Lang

Maxwell Smith Lang passed away on 27 August 2010. Max w

28 Dec 11 admin

Paddington INMC Rogue’s Gallery

Kevin O’Brien found these photos.

01 Dec 11 Peter Bull

Kevan Hook – WA Vet – Ex-Rigger

Message from Don Charles: Just thought you OTC guys, I

30 Nov 11 Peter Bull

Christmas Reunion – 11 November 2012

To be held in the York Room at the Bowler’s Club on F

08 Nov 11 Peter Bull

Alf Ricketts – May He Rest In Peace

Alf Ricketts passed away last night in hospital at 76 y

28 Oct 11 Peter Bull

Ceduna – Oct 2011

Mesage from Paul Horder So much has changed but then so

27 Oct 11 Peter Bull

Paul Kerkin – Passed Away 20 October 2011

Fellows,  It’s we deep regret that I have to inform

21 Oct 11 Peter Bull

Jeff Pace – Eulogy by Daughter, Nerilee

My Dad, Jeffrey Wayne Pace was born 18th February 1960,

19 Oct 11 Peter Bull

OTVA Membership

Membership of the Overseas Telecommunications Veterans

10 Oct 11 Peter Bull

AGM Minutes – 17 June 2011


10 Oct 11 Peter Bull

Vale – Jeff Pace

Unfortunately Jeff lost his battle with cancer this wee

30 Sep 11 Peter Bull

John Grosbard at Work

In 1964 when these pictures were taken John Grosbard wo

26 Sep 11 Peter Bull

Brian Woods

Allan Hennessy has advised that Brian Wo

22 Sep 11 Peter Bull

Aircraft Detection Before Radar

Aircraft Detection Before Radar

20 Sep 11 Peter Bull

Vale – Ian Reed, Melbourne.

As best as I can recall, it was probably during the mid

08 Sep 11 admin

Upcoming Social Events

Registered Address: 805/41 Meredith Street, Bankstown N

08 Sep 11 Peter Bull

Wessel Johannes Koeman – May He Rest In Peace

Message from Kathy Palmer My father Wessel Johannes Koe

05 Sep 11 Peter Bull

Vale – Stew Taylor 29/8/11

Extract from Daily Telegraph Obituaries NX433176 TAYLOR

01 Sep 11 Peter Bull


Registered Address: 805/41 Meredith Street, Bankstown N

24 Aug 11 admin

Vale – Brian Williams 23/5/11

Brian commenced with AWA on 14/5/1945 on 48 shillings p

24 Aug 11 admin

Kamal (Kim) Ayoub

Message from Vernon Yen I spoke Kim today and he is in

24 Aug 11 Peter Bull

Enquiry from Kerry Adams

Message from Kerry Adams Brian Woods kindly sent me

23 Aug 11 Peter Bull

Photos From Guam


27 Jun 11 Peter Bull

NOTICE – OTVA 55th Annual General Meeting

Registered Address: 805/41 Meredith Street, Bankstown N

25 May 11 admin

Vale – Brian Heywood Williams – 23/5/11

From Robert Hall I regret to inform you of the passing

25 May 11 admin

June 2011 Newsletter

Registered Address: 805/41 Meredith Street BANKSTOWN, 2

23 May 11 admin

Sick list – Jeff Pace – 18/5/11

From David Neyle Mick Ward rang me this morning to give

21 May 11 Chris Bull

Vale – Ian Kenneth Reed – 21.4.2011

Ian Kenneth Reed –Obiturary 17.6.1943 – 21.4.20

04 May 11 Chris Bull
22 Apr 11 admin

John Newlyn passed away on 15/4/2011

Tribute from Bernie White:   John Newlyn was posted to

22 Apr 11 admin

March 2011 Newsletter

Overseas Telecommunications Veterans Association NEWSLE

20 Mar 11 Chris Bull

Fanning Island

Message from John Hibbard: I am trying to get informat

23 Mar 10 Peter Bull

Allan McPherson-ex Accounts Branch

I left OTC in 1989 after 20 years service. I had only o

18 Feb 10 Peter Bull

Meeting Place

This post starts a thread of conversations from members

17 Feb 10 Chris Bull

Xmas Island

This blog invites comments from members about their exp

31 Oct 09 Chris Bull

How do I add a comment?


29 Oct 09 Chris Bull

Changing passwords

How do I change my system generated password?

13 Feb 09 Chris Bull

No Fault found (NFF)

This post invites comments and stories from members who

13 Jan 09 Chris Bull

Stories (General)

In this blog you can comment on stories from workplace

13 Jan 09 Chris Bull

Broadway Stories

The Overseas Telecommunications Commission of Australia

07 Jan 09 admin

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question regarding the operation of this

06 Jan 09 admin

Technical Forum

This post is a forum for technical discussions relating

06 Jan 09 admin

Paddo Stories

The Overseas Telecommunications Commission of Australia

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